MMGPRU I saw some bad coments to my project...
1. well not licensed script- yes thats right, I had coder who just copy script, at least some picture changed and text, I am happy at least for that :) when a lot of people will have problem with that, I will use another coder.

2. Big plans, well... min. invest is 50$ before I wanted to give 100$ but I saw so many project what start at 1$ what company in lets say bitcoin investing ( or whatever bullshits they say ! ) accept 1$ invest? NONE " automatically thats projects are SCAM AND PONZI SCHEME...
50$ is reall minimum...

3. Nobody there believe my project... well in fact I dont care who or how many people invest, as I say there its not 100% working all the time, but 2 weeks investing is only "around " it can happen that I pay you all money with profit in 7 days... but also can happend that I pay back only 10% of invest because there were bad signals, and then you need to invest double to have still profit :) I know it sounds hard, why how but it is, how it is.

you think project who gives you 10% in1 hour is real ? NEVER ! its allscam
and alsoprojects who gives you 100% back in 1 year? who would invest there? NOBODY !
HYIPs projects are about middle profit in shorter period... thats why I came with my project here :) because its exactly for this type of investment :)

BY THE WAY Perfect money investing is very limited because of limits companies... for perfect money I dontknow exactly amount what is max for invest but when I counted its 10 investors for 500$ is MAX...
for Skrill EURO its also limited but there can be much much more, so please remember if you mean it seriously with us and you really want make double in mouth of your money please invest as much, as you can invest double and only Skrill ! ,
if there will be higher interest for my system, I would have to change a lot, but I can get higher and NOT MAKE PONZI SCHEME like all other.

Thank you and have a nice day.
19.-26. 12 I would like to inform all accounts who are not making invest that are going to be deleted in 30 days after registration day automatically.

What is going in investing is growing right now very slow because its christmas, in fact I didnt even had 30% in totall 14 days, but in 15.
I hope after new year all will going better.
Merry christmas and Happy new year !
12.12.- 18.12. 2020 Hello everybody, I would like to introduce you little bit my project, we dont have for now very much investors, but thats not problem.
from 12 till today there is about 15% profit for investors:) 2 investors 7 days ago, plan is going well.
Everybody have a nice evening